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UV-C Hand, Air and Small Object Sanitiser

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UV-C Air Sanitiser, IR Thermometer &  Touchless Hand Sanitiser Dispenser


UV-C Hand & Small Object Sanitiser

How does UV-C Light work?

HANDY products use UV-C light to eliminate the Covid-19 virus from hands, masks & small objects with 99.9% efficiency in just 4 seconds.

The germicidal range of UV-C light deactivates bacteria, viruses, and other microbes by attacking their DNA.


UV-C light is able to penetrate the cells of microorganisms in the outer 'dead' layer of skin and disrupt the structure of their DNA molecules. 

The microorganisms, in turn, lose their reproductive capability and are destroyed, rendering them inactive and no longer harmful.


A cell that can’t reproduce is considered dead since it is unable to multiply to infectious numbers within a host.


Air Sanitising

HANDY products are able to sanitise the air in rooms by drawing in contaminated air and expelling sanitised clean air.

Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) = 1 hour per 24

please see our FAQ page for more information


HANDY products meet the permissible safety requirements for exposure within 3600uW (3.6mw) for 4 seconds which is regulated by the EC Scientific Committees and ISO 15858 (International Organisation for Standardisation)

please see our FAQ page for more safety information.